The young Daniel Bruce  as pictured below pic by: Robert Bruce

Daniel believes that what we hold in our memories is time never lost.  We revisit special places in our hearts again and again through the gift of photography. Who we are and once were is a story that can be told through the pages of albums and framed tributes to our lives.  His love for timeless beauty and photographs sets the tone for his photographic style

Driven by passion for his work he considers himself not only a photographer, but an artist.  Daniel provides direction and creativity to his clients to ensure every session renders unforgettable images.  Please browse through his galleries to see if his artistry matches the vision you have for your portraits.

Children are often one of his favorite subjects because they  have an unintentional, innocent and honest charm and most often find beauty in all the little ordinary things we as adults overlook or forgotten. Having five children of his own, he knows this too well. Daniel’s intent is to create an artistic portrayal of your child that reflects not only their outer beauty & innocents, but a glimpse of their spirit.   A picture that will serve to remind you of your child’s appearance, but also capture who they are and were, a portrait of childhood remembered, just like Daniel's childhood picture above, of a wonderful Christmas he remembers while staying with his grandparents on the family farm.


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